"First Harvest" - Kickin' off the 2013 season!

The 2013 Max's Chef To Farm Season at Rosedale Farms and Vineyards started off with "First Harvest". After a week of rain, the clouds disappeared and a gorgeous double rainbow appeared. If you haven't been to one of these incredible dinners, you don't know what you're missing. Grab some friends and make YOUR reservations!
Rosedale Farms Squash Blossom with
Pleasant Cow cheese / strawberry aigre doux / fried basil
Rhubarb Botanical Craft Cocktail!
2-hour Farm Egg with
asparagus / Starlight Gardens radish / pickled spring onion / beet / goat yogurt
Craft Cocktails!

Pan-roasted Marwin Farms Duck Breast
with strawberry rhubarb chutney / smoked fennel puree

Brian Mitchell of Max Restaurant Group
Fine Dining on the Farm!
Rosedale Farms & Vineyard's Own!
Rosedale's "Lou's Red"
Scott Smith, Brian Mitchell & Bobby Venetianer of Max Restaurant Group
Pickled Vegetables with
cucumbers / turnips / ramps / radish
Roasted Marble Potatoes with
lemon / rosemary / sea salt
Rosedale Farms & Vineyards "Sundance"
Broad Brook Beef Ribeye with
marrow / hakurei / carrots / peas

Beltane Farms Goat Cheesecake with
strawberry sorbet / rosemary caramel