Announcing The Farmer's Market Trail!

Max's Chef To Farm Summmer Dining Series announces it's partnership with the newly launched Connecticut Farmers’ Market Trail. If you're a fan of all things local and organic, this is the perfect weekend jaunt for you! Here's a little info from their website: "The Farmers' Market Trail invites you to discover the unique destination farmers’ markets of the Connecticut River Valley and Eastern Connecticut. It’s a tour d’force of special places well stocked with farm-fresh foods; made with passion using local produce; where you will meet people who enjoy creating things that matter. Some of the markets are destinations unto themselves, offering live music, ready-to-eat foods, workshops & activities as well as a full farmers’ market. Others are diverse markets set in towns perfect for an afternoon of exploring: hiking, strolling the beach, browsing shops of handmade goods, and visiting working farms and historic sites. At The Farmers’ Market Trail we are passionate about artisan and local produce. If you are looking for something different this summer, chart a course and discover our region’s agricultural bounty!" Visit them at their website, or check out the individual locations below!